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54.32Poll avg.
CandidatePredicted Vote %Win Prob.
Janet T. Mills53.3%69%
Paul R. LePage46.7%31%

About Maine

In 2021, 92.5% of residents of Maine identified as White/non-hispanic. 2% identified as Hispanic/Latino, 1.7% identified as Black, 1.3% identified as Asian, 0.6% as Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islander, and 1.8% as multiracial. As for political leanings, 47% identified as Democratic/Democratic leaning, 36% identified as Republican/Republican leaning, and 17% identified as no leaning. The candidates for the Maine Gubernatorial election are the Democratic incumbent candidate Janet T. Mills and Republican candidate Paul LePage.


Janet T. Mills (D)

Image of Janet T. Mills Source: Twitter

Paul LePage (R)

Image of Paul LePage Source: National Governors Assocation

Janet T. Mills was the first female governor of Maine. Before being elected for governor in 2018, she served on the Maine House of Representatives.

Paul LePage served as the Maine governor prior to Mills, from 2011 to 2019 when Mills took office. If he is elected, he will become the longest serving Maine governor. During his previous time serving as governor, he made use of his veto power 652 times. This is more than the combined number vetoed by the past 100 years of Maine governors.


Mills ran unopposed in the Democratic primaries as an incumbent.

Likewise, LePage ran unopposed in the Republican primaries.

Issues & controversies

Mills calls for improvements to the healthcare system, economy, and education system of Maine, as well as to protect the environment and combate substance abuse. LePage’s campaign focuses on improving the economy, protecting second amendment rights, and improving healthcare access.

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