North Carolina

Senate race

47.95Poll avg.
CandidatePredicted Vote %Win Prob.
Cheri Beasley48.1%39%
Ted Budd51.9%61%

About North Carolina

North Carolina is the 9th most populous state. It is the 12th state to join the Union, ratifying the US Constitution on November 21, 1789. North Carolina seceded to the Confederacy on May 20, 1961 and rejoined the Union on July 4, 1868. North Carolina was where the Wright Brothers flew their first airplane. North Carolina is a swing state. North Carolina's main exports are tobacco, sweet potatoes, hogs, cattle, soybeans, milk, and eggs.


Cheri Beasley (D)

Image of Cheri Beasley Source: Elizabeth City State University

Ted Budd (R)

Image of Ted Budd Source: Public Domain

Cheri Beasley is a former justice of the North Carolina Supreme Court. She is endorsed by organizations like Planned Parenthood, the Sierra Club, and End Citizens United.

Ted Budd is a representative in the US House of Representatives for District 13 of North Carolina. He is endorsed by Donald Trump and organizations like Gun Owners of America and the National Border Patrol Council. He owns a gun store and claims Donald Trump won the US Presidential Election of 2020.


Cheri Beasley won the North Carolina Democratic primary election with 81.1% of the vote.

Ted Budd won the North Carolina Republican primary election with 58.6% of the vote. Pat McCrory won 24.6% of the vote.

Issues & controversies

Ted Budd is a fiscal conservative. He supports punishment for illegal immigrants, stronger penalties for rioting, more police funding, voter ID, school choice, and freedom of speech online. He voted for the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017, opposes abortion and critical race theory, and was a cosponsor of the Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act. Cheri Beasley wants to expand access to affordable health care, close gaps between school districts, invest in infrastructure and renewable energy, and increase the minimum wage to $15. She supports federal paid family and medical leave, abortion, mail-in voting, and police reform.

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