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District Profile Last Updated: Oct. 5, 2018, 11:47 a.m.

The 2nd congressional district covers the Scott, Dakota, Goodhue, and Wabasha counties and part of northern and eastern Rice County. The largest cities in this district is Burnsville and Eagan. The Mississippi River, Minnesota River, and the St. Croix River run through this district. The population is 87.2% White and around 670,000 people.The two candidates running are Angie Craig (D) and Jason Lewis (R). Angie Craig is a former newspaper reporter and was the head of Global Human Resources. Her main issues includes cheaper healthcare, improved education and job training, and infrastructure investments. Jason Lewis was a radio show host for The Jason Lewis Show, but ran his family’s business, Lewis Motor Supply. He ran for Congress in 1990 but lost to Democrat David Skaggs. His political positions include supporting the American Health Care Act and prohibitions on same-sex marriage. Angie Craig ran for the House of Representatives in 2016, but lost to Jason Lewis. The results for the presidential elections since 2000 have given the victory to the Republican candidate, except for 2012; Barack Obama won with 49.1% of the vote. In 2016, Donald Trump beat Hillary Clinton with 47% of the vote.

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MN-02: Polls in our Model

Sep. 29 - Oct. 2Siena College/New York Times487 LVCraig 51%Lewis 39%
Sep. 29 - Oct.1Wilson Perkins Allen Opinion Research412 LVCraig 43%Lewis 46%
Sep. 17 - 23Survey USA569 LVCraig 48%Lewis 45%
Sep. 17 - 18Public Policy Polling531 VCraig 48%Lewis 45%
Aug. 18 - 21Wilson Perkins Allen Opinion Research400 LVCraig 45%Lewis 46%