PA-01 Pennsylvania's 1st District


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District Profile Last Updated: Oct. 5, 2018, 11:47 a.m.

After the redrawing of district lines, this district no longer contains any of the city of Philadelphia and contains all of Bucks County and some of Montgomery County, resembling the old District 8. Republican Brian Fitzpatrick was the incumbent of District 8, now running in this district after redistricting. Democrat Scott Wallace is the challenger. Fitzpatrick is running on a platform of forming a strategy against terrorism and extremism as well as creating equal opportunity. Wallace’s platform is anti-Trump, supporting climate change, gun control, and immigration.

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Polls in Our Model PA-01

Oct 26-29         Siena College/                        502LV    Wallace 46%    Fitzpatrick 47%

                           New York Times

Oct 14-16         TargetPoint                             400LV    Wallace 49%    Fitzpatrick 45%

Oct 11               Siena College/                         570LV    Wallace 50%    Fitzpatrick 43%

                           New York Times     

Oct 2-4              Public Opinion Strategies     400LV    Wallace 42%    Fitzpatrick 50%

Sep 27-Oct 1    Monmouth University            353LV    Wallace 46%    Fitzpatrick 50%

May 31-Jun 3   Monmouth University            254LV    Wallace 48%    Fitzpatrick 48%

May 12-14        DCCC Targeting Team            540LV    Wallace 46%    Fitzpatrick 48%